050: Documentary – Big Golf, Science and the battle for Standard Time

A special documentary to celebrate our 50th episode. Featuring multiple guests, archive material, original music and plenty of intrigue, follow the labyrinthine narrative of Daylight Saving Time, the new science of chronobiology, and the clandestine monied interests pushing to extend daylight hours into the evening. Guests in order of appearance Barry Mitzman – http://www.barrymitzman.com/ Kimberly Honn, PhD – https://medicine.wsu.edu/overview/faculty-and-staff/kimberly-honn-ph-d/ Jay Pea – https://savestandardtime.com/ Dr Michael Grandner – https://www.michaelgrandner.com/about.html Emily Manoogian, PhD – https://panda.salk.edu/people/ Christine Blume, PhD – https://www.christine-blume.com/ Archive Material
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